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    Paramterization and correlation are important features. What we like the most is that it integrates with UC.
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    The recording and playback functionality is helpful.When there's a high number of TPS I can achieve more transactions per seconds given the hyper-limitations.
  3. Find out what your peers are saying about Micro Focus, Apache, Neotys and others in Performance Testing Tools. Updated: August 2020.
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  4. The most valuable part of the product is the way you can scale the basic testing easily.This is a product that has a lot of capabilities and is the most mature tool of its kind in the market.
  5. The most valuable feature is flexibility, as it connects to all of the endpoints that we need it to.The test cases are quite easy to build and to maintain. This is the most valuable aspect of the solution for us. It's the reason why they changed from JMeter to NeoLoad.
  6. I really like the recording because when I use the JMeter the scripting a lot of recording it takes me a lot of time to get used to. The BlazeMeter the recording is quick.
  7. A single platform for functional testing, load testing security, and service actualization. It has the ability to combine it with different CI/CD tools.
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    438,944 professionals have used our research since 2012.
  9. The most valuable feature is that we do not have to accommodate the load-testing infrastructure in our own data center.The usability and ability to integrate with other solutions is quite good. When I use it in on Azure, then Red Hat is the most likely solution I use. When I use AWS, then I tend to use Lambda functions. In either case, it works well and you can use it either way.
  10. The most valuable features are functional testing and the central repository that contains various scripts. We like that we don't need a separate management tool. This is a good feature. It also has an inbuilt performance tool which is on Flash. It has very good record and playback feature as well. The inspection tool is also very good. Overall, since it comes with all the three packages, it's very good.

What is Performance Testing Tools?

Before an application can be deployed, it should ideally be tested under different operating conditions to make sure it can perform as expected. To do this, software testing professionals use performance testing tools (sometimes just called “testing tools”) to isolate and identify potential client, network, and server bottlenecks that might affect how an application will behave in production.   

Some performance test products are commercial. Others are open source. They do QA testing and stress testing. They can do either manual testing or automated testing.  Most tools have features for extensive test automation to save time. Most are able to do a website test.

Test automation users on IT Central Station have commented at length regarding the best features to seek in an automation testing toolset or performance testing tool. Users want testing tools to be very easy to download and set up.  Ease of use and levels of automation are also important, given the limitations one testing personnel and resources.

A good performance testing tool should make it easy to create test plans and follow through on them.  According to IT Central Station users, a tool should be able to simulate a load of concurrent users and enable extensive, flexible reporting output to show the results.

Some test tools offer a recording feature, which makes it easy to create test plans.  For instance, the tool might provide testing templates.  The tool should support multiple protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP etc.) and technology stacks, such as SAP, JAVA and so forth.   Users value flexibility and the ability to monitor systems under test. Testing tools that offer comprehensive results analysis are praised for making testing teamwork more efficient.

Some users want performance monitoring tools to offer powerful scripting tools to record user actions programmatically. A flexible, versatile scripting engine can extend tests with success-failure checks that make the test more intelligent. The ability to ramp concurrent users makes the tool representative of real world use conditions.  In this way, the tester can scale up in order to simulate load.

Find out what your peers are saying about Micro Focus, Apache, Neotys and others in Performance Testing Tools. Updated: August 2020.
438,944 professionals have used our research since 2012.