Cisco Umbrella Primary Use Case

Syed Ali Wajahat
Sr Network and Security Consultant (SDN & Security) at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The primary use case for this solution is for DNS based attacks and for malware protection. It has a malware protection engine. If you install Cisco Umbrella Clients on the remote PC, you can do URL filtering, malware protection, and you can check the health and status of the device itself. View full review »
Technical Presales Consultant : Cisco Security at a computer software company with 201-500 employees
Cisco has its own cloud that they manage Umbrella on. So Umbrella is not like any part of AWS or Azure or GPP. Our use case for Umbrella all depends on our customer's requirements. Cisco Umbrella has many packages to help address these requirements. The current package which we are working on incorporating more is Cisco Umbrella SIG, which is the Secure Internet Gateway. It has just been launched as part of Umbrella and we are currently exploring its capabilities and utility for our clients. There are a lot of use cases for Umbrella, and for us those use cases include the following: * One of the more important use cases for clients is using the product as a web proxy. * A second thing would be a situation where a customer wants to block access to an employee's personal email account and allow only corporate email accounts. * A third would be the cloud-delivered firewall. This would cover a situation where a customer would create a tunnel between their on-prem firewall to the Cisco Umbrella cloud. This would make it so that all the traffic is filtered by the Cisco Cloud Firewall. * We use it to support our MDM (Mobile Device Management) integration. Umbrella can be integrated with various MDM products, like AirWatch and MobileIron, and that category of products. * Umbrella supports family integrations. So we can search for information from AWS or Azure-based clouds and we can create family-based policies using Umbrella. * Umbrella provides support for some features of Kaspersky. For example, it can tell you what all apps are running on the endpoints and it can give you granular control over those apps. These are only a few of the use cases which I think are most important for us and our clients at this time when using Umbrella. View full review »
NOC Lead at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
I do not know what the latest version is that is currently installed, but it is cloud-based monitoring so it is one of the most recent versions. The primary use case is for endpoint users who are not working on our office premises. They are remote employees who are roaming so they are not within our protected zone. They can be vulnerabilities if they are browsing content and there is malware included on those web sites. Umbrella allows this kind of monitoring on remote devices and we can block those sites. We can also block applications which we would like not to allow to be running in the organization. With Umbrella our primary use is that we can monitor the endpoints for external devices. We will protect the users from malware phishing through email and the websites they are browsing. Umbrella is a solution for things like DNS (Domain Name System) protection, filtering, and security. View full review »
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Ayman Totounji
Chief Executive Officer at Cynexlink, LLC
We use Cisco Umbrella for web security and it's very good. It acts as web filtration combined with security and I am very supportive of it, especially with cybersecurity trending these days and the amount of malware and spyware out there. It's important for end-users to have some sort of protection when they're browsing the internet and this product does that. Before it lets you go, it filters and gives you the okay to move forward with the website you're looking for. A lot of customers tend to make typos when they're searching for websites, which then leads them to unknown websites that automatically download malware to their computer — now they're infected. That's why you need web security. We currently have about 1500 endpoints under Cisco Umbrella, but of course, we plan to increase our numbers. We offer Cisco Umbrella in our packages so whenever we get new customers on board, they get it. View full review »
IT Systems Engineer at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
We act as an MSP for our organization, and we use this solution as part of the service. We are the parent company and we acquire insurance agencies. Typically, these agencies have between twenty and one hundred and twenty people. We do not force them to move onto our system; However, we show them what value they will receive by us taking on their network infrastructure. This includes the firewall, switches, IP phones, email platforms, etc. View full review »
Daniel Borbely
Network Specialist at Syswind Kft.
We primarily use the solution as cloud security for our branches. It protects us from direct internet outbreaks. View full review »
Senior Manager - Information Technology at Emami Ltd
We use Cisco Umbrella to provide protection for our end-users. It prevents unauthorized access to their systems, as well as halts access to compromised sites, such as a ransomware site. Essentially, all of the malicious activity is prevented. View full review »
Andrew Ta
Network Engineer at LADWP
We use this solution as a web security gateway, block malicious domains and making sure that people don't go to websites that they're not really supposed to. We are still in the proof of concept stage, which is a small test environment of approximately one hundred users. We will be purchasing it, and it will potentially replace our existing solution. View full review »
Global Security at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
Our primary use case is for protecting and defending against cyber-based threats. So anything on the internet emanating through DNS-type attacks and then also content filtering. It ensures that our employees are only going to know safe categories. View full review »
Hasnae Lamrani Alaoui
Presales Engineer at DataProtect
We are a system integrator, and we implemented this solution for one of our clients in Morocco. It helps to protect the network against ransomware and phishing attacks. This solution integrated with eBay, and we use it to check statistics. View full review »
Shadi Alyounes
Security Tem Leader at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
We use Cisco Umbrella for one of our customers, one of Jordan banks. We are using that on the gateways, on the cloud to secure our customer web traffic. They are happy with the distribution because they know it's straight on the DNS. View full review »
Security Engineering Senior Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
We use this solution for DNS and IP reputation, for blocking. View full review »
Sean Cottman
Chief Enterprise Architect at Expanded Reality
We use this solution to provide Dorel filtering and security for our WiFi environment. I'm the chief enterprise architect and we are customers of Cisco Umbrella. View full review »
System Engineer at asa
We are using this product for DNS security that is integrated with Active Directory. We are also using public DNS connectivity for the filtering of underlying threats. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Cisco Umbrella. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2020.
441,478 professionals have used our research since 2012.