CA Announces Enhancements to APM

CA Technologies today announced enhancements to its DevOps portfolio, including new capabilities in CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) and CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM).

CA APM 10 will feature a redesigned user interface, new analytics and several new patent-pending technologies that enable role and task-based monitoring. Designed to monitor any application interface, the solution’s team center views enable users to filter topology maps into role and task-based views using attributes such as location, application type, business service or owner name. DevOps teams can also determine if an update impacts service quality through the visual charts that show changes to application topology, status or other attributes alongside historical performance metrics.

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author avatarDave Hardman (CA Technologies)

You can learn more about this release at Also, here is a brief video to give you an overview of the new features:" target="_blank">