What is Release Automation?

Application release automation (ARA) is the process of packaging and deploying an application or software update. ARA goes from development through production. The process, and the tooling that makes it happen, brings together solutions that automate deployment, manage and model environments and coordinate releases. ARA solutions sometimes form part of the broader DevOps process.

When IT Central Station members write about their preferences for Application Release Automation software, the word “complete” comes up a lot. The more extensive the reach of the release automation solution, the more productive it will make the team that uses it. For instance, some members expect an ARA solution to touch all aspects of infrastructure/platform/code deployments and un-deployments, rather than just software alone. They want ARA tools that are easy to integrate with their existing system management and development solutions. Additionally, ARA should support advanced capabilities like continuous delivery.

Release automation users need to be able to create flows and control statements. The system should be able to detect errors and report on them automatically. This is a big time saver. IT Central Station members recommend application automation software that enables visual design, logic design and process design. Anything to make the Release Operations Center (ROC) run more efficiently is highly prized. Along these lines, users want solutions that can deploy without needing to know what is happening in the background.

Members suggest release automation tools that provide an agile solution based on DevOps concepts. The like tools that give users the ability to share components across an enterprise. Flexible deployment options are a great option. They allow teams to model their components as they want and need

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