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    It has multiple features. You can plan your execution in Control-M. It provides one single window where you can define workflows regardless of geographic boundaries and platforms. A batch process can be executed from this single window. It provides insights into your processes. Your business people will know what process they are running and what is the state of the process. Instead of knowing that they're not going to meet the SLA the next morning, the business people immediately know the changes in their process. Control-M is very easy. I can tell a non-technical person that this is how it works, and he would be able to easily understand it. Business people can understand the methodology of Control-M and the intuitive features that it has. It has a fantastic graphical user interface and is easy to understand. You just have to drag and drop but in a very intuitive way. Monitoring features are also good. It has different color coding schemes, which can help you to understand the status of your workfl
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    We're also starting to use its Self Service and Solution Manager. My team in the data center and some of the development team use the Self Service. Developers are using the Self Service for upon-request jobs for their testing. They used to have to go through us to schedule testing and now they can just go on and kick it off all they want. They have also really appreciated that they have access to view and/or submit jobs.
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  4. ActiveBatch can automate predictable, repeatable processes very well. There is no real trick to what ActiveBatch does. ActiveBatch does exactly what you would expect a scheduling piece of software to do. It does it in a timely manner and does it with very little outside interference and fanfare. It runs when it is supposed to, and I don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to double check it.
  5. It has been super stable. There are no complaints on stability. We would not be using it if Tidal wasn't stable.We use the solution for cross-platform and cross-application workloads. That's one of the core reasons we chose it. It's one of a few things in the industry that can be used for cross-platform integration.
  6. I like the dashboard and the various workflows. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  7. The monitoring and troubleshooting features are rich and with the dashboards and other features, automation work is made easier.Both the stability and the scalability of Automic Workload Automation are great.
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  9. The ability to clone jobs to shorten the time it takes to implement a process has been invaluable, but its flexibility also gives us the ability to create a job that can handle a multifaceted process with a complex workflow.
  10. AutoSys Workload Automation is a stable solution.This solution has made my clients' workplaces a lot less labor-intensive.

Advice From The Community

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Custer Chiu
I am researching workload automation tools. What is the best workload automation tool for the retail industry? We require up to 3000 nodes and simultaneous data transfer.
author avatarRick Kane (Tidal)

There are a number of solid workload automation solutions for the retail industry. Tidal has many large retail clients that rely on our software. You will want to make sure that the retail applications in use are supported out of the box by your selected vendor. Feel free to reach out to if you would like additional information on our solution and how it can meet your specific needs.

author avatarit_user534384 (Technical Consultant at Atgen Software Solutions LLP)

I recommend you using Atgen A2 Automation(

as tool offers Agent Less WLA solutions for distributed systems with

Browser based GUI. An simple product to administer and easy to use.

author avatarBartłomiej Wlazłowski
Real User

There are several solid and reliable solutions. Please look at the EMA Radar WLA report from Q42019, this is the most comprehensive study within this area. Please reach us on, we can provide you complimentary copy of such. We are a provider of AutomateNOW! - most moderns and comprehensive WLA solutions, also present in the retail industry.

author avatarJean Bernard HUROU

It is interesting to know complementary information so that I can suggest to you a range of potential products like:

- Are the 3000 nodes are located around a few countries or in a unique site?

- Is the plan of production for each node similar?

- What tool do you use for data transfers?

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Find out what your peers are saying about BMC, SMA Technologies, Advanced Systems Concepts and others in Workload Automation. Updated: May 2021.
479,323 professionals have used our research since 2012.