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Workload Automation Reviews

Read reviews of Workload Automation that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
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Workload automation report from it central station 2017 09 30 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about BMC, CA Technologies, IBM and others in Workload Automation.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.
Workload automation report from it central station 2017 09 30 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about BMC, CA Technologies, IBM and others in Workload Automation.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.

Workload Automation Questions

Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Jul 18 2017
Anonymous avatar x30
NicolasIn addition to the previous answers: - Flexibility and Agility - For better... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer682857Stability, also the ability to manage across platforms (ex. Windows, Linux,... more »
A336ae20 c383 48d3 ab93 8d89bde953e1 avatar
Nishank Reddyability to scale, load-balancing, stability, ease of including custom logic more »

Workload Automation Articles

4ca100f1 7302 4619 abb4 8d0c16f6f50f avatar
Technical Consultant
• Puppet Consultant, since 2009 • Chef Automation Consultant, since 2009 • Ansible Consultant, since 2014 • Docker Consultant, since 2013 • Clarive Consultant, since 2013 • HP CSA/OO Consultant, since 2014 • Sked Enterprise Consultant, since 2011 • AutoSys(WAAE)/Control-M Consultant, since... more>>
4a884903 cbb4 4a01 ae18 b85d9b060dbc avatar?1439231342

Enterprise IT Management Consultant
Data Analytics for data-driven IT decision-making Event Management and Monitoring benchmarks Predictive Models and Anomaly Detection IT Automation / Orchestration Architecture, deployment, support and consultancy for IT Enterprise Management software. Master Data Management, CMDB ITSM... more>>
Abfe90dd 32e3 4dcc 8ac5 ac1095bb0165 avatar
Senior Consultant
• BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Control-M Workload Automation 8.0 • BMC Control-M Expert (version 6.4 and 7.0) • ORSYP Dollar Universe Expert 6.0 • 10+ Years of experience in Batch Scheduling and administration, Unix Scripting, Production Support in various domains • Experience in... more>>
Reviewed Automic Workload Automation: It can handle various OS platforms as well as have...
582bb21b 8862 4f04 b8fa 325f9e834c68 avatar
AutoSys Administrator/Engineer PS Consultant
Ffd32058 701f 4bfd a0ac a5adcc6621ec avatar
TOP 10
17 years of professional experiences in Information Technology working as Coordination development team Control-M, Project Manager, Systems Consultant Infrastructure Production, Senior Tuning Analyst, Production Infrastructure Architecture, Systems Integration Analyst Intermediate and Support... more>>
Reviewed BMC Control-M: Facilitates process automation.
Oscar omar posada sanchez li?1414333979
TOP 10
Business Service Management Architect
I am a professional Technologies information, 15 years of experience in the specialized area of business services Assurance, Infrastructure and Information Security.
95feada0 9e52 438f 9c23 0b4ef371f564 avatar
TOP 10
Senior Technical Consultant
A proficient IT engineer, with over 10 yrs of work exp. Experienced as a Control-M administrator and Production support with an extensive knowledge over job scheduling with an ITIL approach on every tasks. Worked with Control-M v6.3, v6.4 through v7.0, 8.0,9.0 and currently working on new role... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 20
Cb99b8f0 c1a6 46cc 849f a1c75331aad0 avatar
TOP 20
Reviewed IBM Workload Automation: The simplicity of the GUI is the most valuable...
D5c966ec 877e 428f a4bc ebc8d96008a3 avatar
Integration Consultant
Workload automation/Integration software expert, plan, define, test, document and carry through to production the batch job workflows. Specialties: BMC Software Certified Administrator Control-M for Distributed Systems

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