PRTG Network Monitor Stability

Anton James
IT Manager at Silverstring LTD
The stability has been great. It even says when to do a reboot, generally. I've only ever had a couple of issues where I've left it on for too many months without rebooting it and it's gotten its knickers in a twist, but other than that it's been absolutely fine. View full review »
Anthony Grant-Marston
Network Engineer at TeleWare
We run it in a cluster, so we have two that run together. The cluster behind it is sketchy at times. Maybe that might be due to a configuration on our side. From the stability point of view, it's 90 percent there. Now that we have the distributor remote probes, it is pretty strong. The product used to be affected by load. This was because we were exceeding their recommendations. If you follow the recommended hardware guidelines and keep the sensor count to what they recommend, then it is pretty stable. View full review »
Lewis Stonier
Engineer at Datacentreplus
It's rock solid. We restart it, and the Windows machine it sits on, once a month because it's recommended to do so, to update it. We have not had any issues with it going down or not working as intended. View full review »
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Callum Williams
Systems Engineer at Converse Pharma Group
The stability is absolutely spot on, in terms that it will never go down. The only sort of limitation is the actual probes. So, if you don't have enough probes on there, you can over flip them and cause the WMI sensors and SNMP sensors to sort of overload. Sometimes, they might timeout for a minute, but they do come back. View full review »
Jon Bowler
Cloud Engineer at Software Cloud Limited
It hasn't gone down so far, so all good. View full review »
Daniel Cattigan
Infrastructure Team Lead at a leisure / travel company with 501-1,000 employees
I've never had to play around too much with stability. We installed it on the server, put the certificate in, got our URL, and put the DNS record in, then it just does its thing. Once you start going above 5000 sensors, things do start to get a bit shaky. There are some best practice out there that you will need to adopt and be aware of. View full review »
Andy Shephard
Information Security Analyst at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
The reports I've had from the team on its stability are all good. It seems to get patched on a very regular basis. There are constant updates. We haven't any problems, we haven't had any downtime yet, and we've been running it for 18 to 24 months now. It's excellent. View full review »
Shirwan Khan
Infrastructure Engineer at Lookers plc
The solution is very stable. We get monthly patches which are released by Paessler. We actually have a change window where we put those in place. We have around 98 percent uptime. Whenever we've had any downtime, it's usually our own infrastructure which causes it. View full review »
Tim Deighton
Infrastructure Manager at a logistics company with 10,001+ employees
I don't have an issue with the stability of the monitoring probes and the basic server. We have had a few issues with the web elements, as far as the dashboard. With the dashboard, it has to be manually refreshed. Occasionally, we reboot the server, or at least web services, due to the web aspect. However, these don't affect the underlining monitoring. View full review »
Chris Bentley
Senior Security Engineer at Fletchers Solicitors Ltd.
It's very stable. We've never had any kind of outages in terms of the dashboard not being available. Any updates that we've applied haven't caused us any issues. It's a great, reliable product. We've not found any kind of real performance degradation. There may have been times where some of the sensors may have paused slightly but I think they were just anomalies. It has not been a regular occurrence. Perhaps there have been occasional stability issues, but they have been very few and far between. View full review »
Adam Brown
Network Administrator at a construction company with 201-500 employees
It's pretty stable. It's been up and running now for about two years, which is very stable. There has been the odd crash but that was more the server it was on rather than PRTG. It's very stable. View full review »
Antony Gouldstone
Infrastructure Manager at a non-profit with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have had no issues. It just works and is up 24/7/365. Every update which comes out is rock solid. View full review »
David Ashcroft
IT Infrastructure Engineer at Runshaw College
The stability has been good since it went in. It's never had any issues. It has just worked. It updates itself, it's easy to manage, easy to maintain. View full review »
IT Coordinator at ENGIE Renewables Ltd
It's always on. I have a server dedicated to it, that's all it does. I've never had it fall down, ever. View full review »
Group Information Security Manager at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees
If you have enough resources the stability is fine, fairly rock-solid. We're at double the recommended capacity in terms of sensors for our instance, and it's running fine. View full review »
Graeme Barratt
Network Engineer
It is fairly stable. It gets a bit interesting the closer that we are etching in to the 5000 probe mark. There are some HA concerns. However, PRTG put that on the website and are not hiding it. One thing that I want to know, "Where the company is going with HA from here?" View full review »
Network Engineer at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
I've not seen any outages with it so I'd say it's stable. View full review »
Security Engineer at a health, wellness and fitness company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I have never seen it go down. I think it has only ever gone down when I have been messing with it and caused it to go down. The solution is nice and stable. View full review »
Paul Farris
Infrastructure Analyst
It's very stable. It has to be when it's monitoring for failures in other parts of the system. We've had very few issues with stability. It's been very good. View full review »
Craig Williams
IT Manager at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees
The stability is great in a 64-bit deployment. If anybody mixes it with a 32-bit speed version or with WMI sensors, I have found it to be wobbly. But, a 64-bit deployment is significantly stable. View full review »
Systems Specialist at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It's rock solid. We've had zero downtime with PRTG. View full review »
Cybersecurity Engineer at a tech services company
I have never seen this solution go down once. Compared to everything else out there, which you see drop once in a while, this solution hasn't done that since we've taken it up. View full review »
Matthew Hancock
IT Manager at Berrys
The stability of the solution is very good. We've had no issues with it. It's pretty sound. It always works. I can't really fault it. View full review »
Darryl Potgieter
Head of Technology Architecture - Head of Network and Security Centre of Excellence at a paper AND forest products with 10,001+ employees
This solution is very stable. View full review »
Rod Cushman
Network Manager with 201-500 employees
Engineering and Pre-Sales Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The stability is OK. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Paessler AG, SolarWinds, Zabbix and others in Network Monitoring Software. Updated: February 2020.
398,890 professionals have used our research since 2012.