VMware releases vCloud for NFV with Integrated OpenStack

VMware today debuted the release of their vCloud for NFV, an integrated Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform that combines VMware’s virtualized compute, networking, storage, and management solutions with integrated OpenStack support. According to a spokesperson for VMware, "communication service providers (CSPs) can deploy NFV solutions into production on a proven platform to achieve faster time to market for new and differentiated services while driving sustainable cost reductions”.

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Yes, this has been out for quit some time. It is the new version of VMware 6 and the VMware vCloud Air.

I have been using it for a while now VIO, they use to call it VOVA. I like it, and they offer the Openstack addition as a OVF that can be installed.

HP has a solution called Helion, it works with RHEL, XEN and VMware where they are able to spin up VMs using on anyplatform. They are able to deploy work flows where the user does not need to understand network configuration, storage and/or cpu processing capability. I went out to PaloAlto CA to get training on it.

Brocade - http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2014/05/13/brocade-proposes-solution-for-inter-data-center-multitenancy/ ; they are intergrating with Openstack/VMware as well.

IBM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMPDgp3BdWE

So it seems a number of companies are jumping on the bandwagon of Openstack, VMware and NFV (NFV - Network Functions Virtualization is not only associated with SDN (Software Defined Networking) but wth managing the network traffic using controllers that are able to make intelligent decisions by load-balancing the traffic across disparate connections using Openflow 1.3 and even over IPv6.

These companies are using python to integrate their existing technologies to make it one cohesive network fabric (Juniper or Brocade refer to it as one fabric).


02 March 15
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