Android SDK Review

Revolutionary development with Android SDK

Valuable Features:

• It helps in effortless convenience for rich development surroundings and functionality by the software development kit (SDK). • Browser based on WebKit engine Integration • Use of tools are very simple. • It can be used on all operating systems such as (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) • Good for free lancer programmers because it is an open source system. • It gives an excellent platform to surf the web and use of many of Google’s services. • Gives enough support of Java functional libraries and SDK packages which gives the ability to the programmer to reduce their code. • Use of tools are very simple. • Once you've installed the new SDK, you will not need to download an SDK package again. Instead, you will use the Android SDK and AVD Manager to keep your development environment up-to-date.

Room for Improvement:

• Write the application from scratch. • Complete control over exactly what your game does and looks like; you can do anything. • Much more work and knowledge involved. • Write everything in Java.

Other Advice:

Being an Android developer this SDK platform will continue to grow as the developer community invests in it. The major benefit is that it is an open source which simply extends to cutting edge technologies as they show up.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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