Android SDK Review

Google has excellent platform support for their developers.

Valuable Features:

As I wrote in my previous review of the iOS SDK, my major problem was lack of alternative platform support. The Android SDK does NOT have that problem at all, as it's available for most major platforms to date. The IDE is easy to use and has a ton of API's that allow you to tie into Google's large base of services offered.Plus, all of the applications are coded in Java, which is by far an easier language to learn.

Room for Improvement:

Having the applications coded in Java is also a con, because Java can be annoying to code in sometimes. It requires some ridiculous work-arounds to do certain things, which are just one line code statements in C. Otherwise, I have no problem with the Android SDK.

Other Advice:

I give the Android SDK 1 star higher than the iOS SDK for its incredible multi-platform support. You can develop on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This is mostly because of the Java based code that the apps are coded in, but it is what it is.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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