AppPulse Suite Review

The speed in which we were able to deploy it was the most valuable area for me.

Improvements to My Organization

We use AppPulse to look at two of our most important applications. Our contact centers that take calls from our customers, and our website that our customers use to pay bills online, etc.

We have a lot of quick wins. I call them quick because AppPulse has only been in the environment for a short time. We've been able to find misconfigured network segments, we've been able to find data we've never had before, like our logo transfer from our content delivery network, and how long it took to move over. We've found issues around daylight's savings time, and customer portals that we probably would not have found on our own without AppPulse.

Valuable Features

For me, it was the speed in which we were able to deploy it. We bought AppPulse, and within a week we were able to have it fully integrated with our existing applications and have it monitoring them. It was just a really fast ROI. The speed that you can get AppPulse out there was the brightest spot of this whole process.

We typically lean more towards on-premise solutions for a host of reasons, so we had some trepidation about going into the cloud and a SaaS offerings. There was some leeriness around that, but it's been a very pleasant experience. It lowers my total cost of ownership, so that would have been one of the scarier points, but now I would tell colleagues that it's not something to worry about. It's done very well.

Room for Improvement

I don't know about future releases, but we're definitely looking at AppPulse Trace. We're probably going to take a hard look at AppPulse Mobile as well.

The only other thing that would come to mind is the ability to get CI information from AppPulse into OMi.

One other thing I should probably throw out there is that AppPulse integrated into OMi for us, so all the alerts that we have configured in AppPulse are now watched 24/7, so that was a great thing for us. However, I know there's some difficulty around CI information moving from AppPulse to OMi.

Stability Issues

Since I have nothing to say about it, I'm assume that it's extremely stable because it's just there, and it just works.

Scalability Issues

Haven't had any issues yet. We ramp up extremely fast. We bought a handful of extra licenses with our original deployment. We can deploy and monitor our website in hours.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I haven't yet had to use it for AppPulse. We have ArcSight OMi, in our environment and we have it all under one support contract, but we really haven't had to call for AppPulse.

So far, it's been fine. My good experiences around the support is the fact that they help me consolidate all my SA ID's. So I had a lot of multiple SA ID's, they consolidated it into one, so I can start to have just this ease of interaction there, so I've been very happy with that part of it.

Previous Solutions

We had some custom in-house built things that weren't part of a centralized monitoring strategy. This was kind of new territory for us. "Greenfield," as we call it, so this is kind of our first foray into the true customer experience, the user experience space, and it's been a good one so far.

Initial Setup

It's not complex. I'm kind of amazed when I see AppPulse do what it does. For instance, the original setup. Like I said, it went really fast, but our web team will change something on our site that will break our script. Our script is predicated on this button being here, that button being there, etc. We're trying to get our change management practices in order so that it doesn't happen, but our team can fix those issues in under an hour.

Other Solutions Considered

I know there were some other conversations with other vendors, but what we want to do is make sure the support costs stay low, so I always want to be very mindful of how much internal labor I need in order to run an application. I went to a few Vivid events, got some input from other users and we just kind of took it from there.

Other Advice

The benefits are the ease of integration into OMI, the speed of the deployment, and the quick ROI in value that it adds in a space where we were kind of flying blind before we had it.

My advice to a colleague would probably be around all the areas that I discussed. It's a very user friendly product, it is fast, it's stable, and it just flat-out works, and gives you views in data that, or valuable insights into our customer experience.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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