AWS Outposts Review

Offers low latency and security for critical data but is expensive

What is most valuable?

All of the features are similar. All the hybrid cloud solutions are the same as our own. We have a similar solution called ICDC Model 2020. They provide a limited set of cloud services dealing with itself. Because if you go to Amazon, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, or IBM Cloud, you will see a huge amount of functionality regarding compute network, storage, API tools, and so on. When we are referring to the hybrid cloud, they are limited by functionality. And almost all provide general services like compute storage, network, databases, but not all end Kubernetes. In Amazon's case, Elastic Cloud Services; EKS, Elastic Kubernetes Service provide EBS.

If you compare with the full bundle of these services, you can see the difference. This is enough for these locations in private data centers. Because the main reasons why the customers want to have it on their side are for the low latency and the security of their critical data.

What needs improvement?

The pricing model needs improvement because right now it's very expensive. All of these solutions are very expensive and it prevents other customers or owners of data centers from buying it. For example, Alibaba Cloud provides something cheaper, but of course not on the same architecture. Sometimes it's hard to compare. But the current price is the main barrier for such players. That is why we provide our own open-source solution, which is much cheaper.

For how long have I used the solution?

Outposts was first announced by Amazon at the end of November in 2018. It was announced at the AWS Reinvent Event. It is a pretty new market and there are only a few players in this market. At least at the beginning of this year, it was AWS Outposts, Azure Stack, and Google Anthos. Google provides Kubernetes services only, not a virtual machine like VMware does. And IBM provides the hybrid cloud strategy. They published a book for dummies, Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies. 

Outposts is on the hybrid cloud. If you're a user of Amazon Web Services and you like the way they provide the services, but you want to make sure that all the services you order over the internet will be deployed in your data center and you want to keep having the same level of service which you used to have from Amazon, they created Outposts for this. 

Now you have the ability to go the same way to the Amazon console,, and order the service you like, virtual machines, or whatever. And now you have the possibility to deploy it directly in your data center, directly in your location, in your data center.

How are customer service and technical support?

Their support is normal. There are some pretty good local support teams of big vendors and providers.

What other advice do I have?

This is a very interesting product. In terms of technical innovation, I'd say it make sense. Especially for those who are very critical to the latency. There are some industries that are very dependent on latency. Even several seconds would be a problem for them. 

Banks or financial institutions never want to go to the public because it is a kind of paranoia for them because their data could be stolen somehow or could be stored somewhere. They would rather pay money to sleep well because their data is close to them in their buildings, which is surrounded by their military forces.

Well, it's a pretty new one, so I would rate Outposts a seven or eight out of ten because there are no limits. It is very new.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Integrator
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