Brocade BigIron Review

Just like its name, BigIron does big things; i have never had switching problems.

Valuable Features:

BigIron allows for improved reliability, Quality of Service, Total Cost of Ownership, security and scalability that enables future growth and expansion of the network for many years to come.It provides switching of high density for core tiers, aggregation and access to the data center server. Its compact design (high density and no-blocking) allows for high performance computing as well as data mining. Biglron also ensures a low latency and high throughput.In case of failure, BigIron switches supports restarts that are faithful for faster convergence, failover and software upgrades that are hitless.

Room for Improvement:

BigIron switches are expensive, take time to configure and maintain, but have capabilities not found in most switches and thus are an excellent networking investment.

Other Advice:

Brocade’s BigIron is a series of switches that is the most advanced and powerful Ethernet switches used in networking and deployment of data centers.The features of Brocade’s BigIron are a continuous monitoring system, network management that is unified, cohesive and easy to use, iron shield security, layer two features like PIM and IGMP snooping, advanced Quality of Service, mobile virtual machine, high scalability and performance, high availability and redundant design and a set of layer 3 features that is robust.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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