Check Point Virtual Systems Review

The product is stable but we had issues when we had really old hardware that had a less than stable OS.

Valuable Features

The ability to host multiple virtual systems, categorize them based on their function and importance and the ease of use with which these can be deployed.

Improvements to My Organization

We do not need to keep provisioning hardware each time there is a requirement for a new firewall. Having a physical server capable of hosting many virtuals and also provide performance and redundancy is a big benefit and hence our preference for VSX.

Room for Improvement

Each new version does offer a new set of features plus also incorporates bug fixes identified during the life cycle of the previous product. Hence, this product keeps on maturing as newer versions are released.

Use of Solution

More than 15 years.

Deployment Issues

Not from a product point of view. The critical aspect here is proper planning, performing several dry runs and identifying potential issues to the best possible extent. It's really about planning and testing prior to implementing.

Stability Issues

No, because we keep on top of our installations. We maintain them by performing routine maintenance, and hot-fix applications. Stability wise the product is stable but we had issues when we had really old hardware that had a less than stable OS.

Scalability Issues

No issues encountered.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Excellent – the vendor always supports us and is very proactive. We have excellent relations with the vendor.

Technical Support:

Definitely excellent. It’s a pleasure to talk with the tech support people and know they fully understand the issues – this gives us a sense of comfort.

Previous Solutions

No previous solution used.

Initial Setup

It was simple. That is because the solution is architectured and designed from the ground up and the relevant teams were involved from the beginning.

Implementation Team

We did an in-house implementation.


Cannot give exact figures but we have made a lot of saving by implementing this product in our organization.

Other Solutions Considered

We were clear on our options – no we did not choose any other options save for the most important ones.

Other Advice

Think of VSX as similar to VMware ESX solution. It will, in the long run, save a lot of money with the return it gives to the company. It is easy to maintain by a capable support team and can easily fit within the network where there is a requirement.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Senior Security Consultant with 501-1,000 employeesConsultant

We have found VSX solutions to have lot of issues in our customers networks... Also hard troubleshooting and some anomalies are common. More than one customer feel safer with phisical Check Point appliances rather than VSX and decided to roll-back after some time of use (12 months of production). I can't raccomend this product, if you're looking to firewall instance virtualization, look further and you can find more mature solutions.

17 March 17
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