Intralink Review

It makes searching for parts easy with the Pro/E data, but the publishing and viewing process needs to be simplified.

Valuable Features

The connection between the search engine and parameters in the Pro/E data makes searching for parts easy.

Improvements to My Organization

We run it internally to manage our Wildfire 5 data, and prior to Intralink, we had our files on the hard drive with search paths. It was our first database that stored versions and parent/child relations without any drama.

Room for Improvement

Intralink needs to work better with various file formats. Also the publishing and viewing process needs to be simplified so that data can easily be shared outside of the CAD department.

Use of Solution

We started using Intralink in 1997 to present, and I would rate v8 6/10, and the first we had, v3, 10/10.

Deployment Issues

When we first deployed Intralink 3.4, we had a PTC application engineer set it up for us and everything went perfectly. The following two upgrades were performed by another company with an “out of the box” set up and it has been miserable since then.

Stability Issues

None, other than when our server started to die of old age.

Scalability Issues

No issues as this was not a factor for us.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

PTC customer service was fantastic until our company got cheap during our chapter 11 phase and tried not paying the bills to PTC. As a result, PTC black listed us for a few years (rightly so, but frustrating).

Technical Support:

It is very high.

Previous Solutions

Prior to Intralink we had a directory structure on the hard drive and used Search Paths within Pro/E. This did not have version control… or any control.

Initial Setup

Intralink required planning. We needed to plan out our objectives, and how were we going to search for data, create start parts with parameters for search fields, migrate existing data and set up a release scheme.

Implementation Team

Intralink was set up originally by PTC who did a fantastic job. The name of the company we used with the last two updates is not readily available to me but I would rate them more dangerous than competent.

Other Solutions Considered

Before we settled with Pro/Engineer/Intralink we were also looking at I-Deas Metaphase and Catia-Smart Team. As for the customer solutions we had no choices.

Other Advice

Don’t cheap out on the support. Hire an application engineer from PTC to help map out and implement the software. It is worth the extra money to be up and running quicker and without nagging issues. Also purchase a help desk contract. No matter how good the install you will need this for at least the first year.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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