Oracle ERP Cloud Review

I get to pay for whatever I'm consuming. I don't pay for a vast infrastructure.

Valuable Features

Especially, if you look at today's world, the cloud is the important feature we are looking at. There is not much cost involved, especially with cloud. I get to pay for whatever I'm consuming. I don't have to pay for the vast infrastructure and all. That's one of the important things.

Improvements to My Organization

Specifically, from a back office systems perspective – storing from financials or from manufacturing systems, or to store an order to cash process – it is a complete suite; end-to-end application.

That's what we feel is very helpful for our organization.

Room for Improvement

Especially on the CRM side, the CRM modules are a bit weak compared to the financials. Traditionally, Oracle is known for Oracle financials, as opposed to the manufacturing, service or sales sides of the house. Sales and service are the areas where Oracle has to catch up.

Deployment Issues

Deployment is fairly straightforward, but we haven't seen many successes with the cloud. That’s not because of Oracle; it’s because of the customers themselves. They are hesitant in terms of moving everything to cloud. They are doing it in bits and pieces, in terms of very few systems to start with; the financials cloud, the HCM Cloud or the supply chain cloud. They are still testing the waters.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is good. Most of the time, the response is good, especially if you have any priority issues. Sometimes it depends on what kind of support agreement you have with Oracle; depending on whether you have the heightened coverage, Gold or Platinum. Having mentioned that, there are certain cases where we got very minimal support, especially during the quarterly reports and all, which are very big for us from a revenue standpoint. From a support standpoint, there is some improvement that needs to be made.

Other Advice

Just go with the baby steps in terms of starting to move peripheral systems onto cloud, and then slowly picking up. For example, HR is one area where you can quickly move to cloud. Similarly, then you can look at the financials, then you can look at the manufacturing, and so on with other applications.

They are supporting very well the migration itself from on-prem to cloud, especially because they are partnering with the customer. If you are having an implementation, doing it for a customer, Oracle is partnering with it, and we are jointly doing that.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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