Panaya SAP Upgrade Automation Review

Excellent solution with high value and quick implementation

Valuable Features:

- Cloud-based solution - little for us to support and administer. We went from nothing to a fully working solution in a few hours work. - It tells us exactly what I need to test. More importantly, it tells me what I don't need to test. - Panaya is useful for more than just upgrades. Any time we do development, we have it analysed by Panaya. This shows us what other transactions are touched by our changes, as it's not always obvious what other transactions are used in the background. This increases the value to us, and makes it a product we use on a regular basis, not just during upgrades. - End-user documentation. A nice side-effect of users recording their job processes is that Panaya uses that to generate end-user documentation on how that function is performed.

Room for Improvement:

We were relatively early adopters of Panaya and as such, the product was still maturing. However, this quickly turns into faint criticism, as they quickly responded to every design suggestion we made, and the couple of problems we had with their solution were fixed in a matter of days. In subsequent projects, we have encountered zero technical issues. - One other very minor quibble is that because they are developing the product so rapidly, the extraction and scenario recorders do need to be updated on a regular basis, causing a regular series of transports through the environment. That said, a few transports a month during a project is really the extent of product maintenance required, which compared to the alternatives is trivial.

Other Advice:

We are a very small support team with only a few years experience. We needed to implement EHP5, but had no experience with upgrading SAP. We needed help with testing, as we were using the same testing scripts from the original 4.6 implementation (We inherited the system from another department). The options were all way too big for us to support, we needed something we could just use, not something that required a team to run. After trying several products, we encountered Panaya, which was a clear fit from the outset. The company provides excellent support, with both a dedicated account manager providing a single point of contact for questions and issues, and a very responsive technical support team.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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