Quality Center Review

It allows us to better track our testing coverage and plan our releases.

Valuable Features

  • The ability to create and store requirements as well as tests, both manual and automated.
  • The ability to determine traceability between requirements, tests and defects found in our testing process is a huge advantage in determining the breakdown in the application business model.

Improvements to My Organization

Previous to the utilization of Quality Center our requirements were created and stored in Word documents, and all Test Plans were facilitated through Excel, and there was little coordination or consistency to testing standards. Quality Center has allowed us to better track our testing coverage and plan our releases.

Room for Improvement

I think there are still some changes to help integrate with agile processes better without having to use a separate product. I think that since Quality Center has had functionality added over such a long period of time, that certain modules and other HP tools could be better integrated.

Scalability Issues

Initially when we started using Quality Center we had some issues with scaling the solution throughout and updating across multiple teams but these issues have since been resolved.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I would rate the level of customer service very high.

Technical Support:

Its very high, and once you establish the proper channels and key contacts to work with it is pretty seamless.

Previous Solutions

We did not previously utilize a different solution for managing our requirements and testing efforts.

Initial Setup

Our implementation and setup was somewhat complex do to our enterprise architecture. We have multiple divisions across two companies that share the same servers and architecture but have different needs with regards to setting up and managing projects.

Implementation Team

Initially we implemented Quality Center ourselves but then went with an outside vendor later due to some complications. Depending on the complexity of your organization I recommend working with an approved vendor or service partner to setup your installation.


We haven’t really calculated ROI on our testing efforts as of yet.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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