Sencha Complete Review

Best mobile application framework for an enterprise application containing a large number of views with lots of components, but a little sluggish performance on android platforms.

Valuable Features:

* It's a HTML5 mobile application framework. To be more specific, it's a combination of HTML+ CSS and JavaScript. * Pure JavaScript API. * Optimized for mobile. * MVC structure support. * Easier to port to other platforms (platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry). 90 - 95% of code is shared between different platforms. * Can distribute the application with the interference of any app store. * Extensive and well arranged API. * Rich, customizable, and nearly native UI elements (list view, tab bar, button). All these can be customized with css. * Full touch support for mobile browsers, with handling of touch events such as swipe, tap, and long press. * Native packaging support for android and iOS. * Local storage support. * Data binding support. * Offline support. * Code can be written using any operating system and can be tested using a web server. * Applications can be tested on chrome, safari, and IE10.

Room for Improvement:

* Scrolling needs some serious tweaking, specifically for android. There is a huge time lag while scrolling through a list. * Lacks full access to native hardware, but if you want access to more hardware then you will have to combine your sencha application with PhoneGap. * No support for blackberry. The sencha sdk beta tools provide support for native packaging for only android and iOS (even their team says they haven't tested much on blackberry). * It's still in its developing phase and may take a while for it to fully mature. * Animations run slower. * No support for windows phone as well.

Other Advice:

There are a number of options if you are looking to make a mobile web application, like sencha, jqtouch, etc. If you are seeking to make an application which consists of a large number of views with data requests and a large number of components in your view, I would suggest to go for sencha as it provides an MVC structure approach and their API, which is very well arranged. In my own experience, I have found the sencha support team to be very active on their forums. Their website also has numerous tutorials in their "learn" section. I would highly recommend sencha mobile application frameworks for either cross platform or standalone web apps. My own experience says that it's better than any other out there.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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