SkyGlue Review

Automated Website Event Tracking

Valuable Features:

1. The only website analytics product out of the several ones we tried that identifies and tracks in-page events automatically without having to manually select and tag them. This completely eliminates "analyst bias" in assigning relative importance to events. 2. Clearly classifies website traffic into the three most important categories: Organic, Referral and Paid Search. 3. Excellent addon to Google Analytics. Using SkyGlue, we stumbled upon the fact that Computerworld magazine had named one of our products as a Top 10 Android App. Although we could've theoretically found this out from Google Analytics, it was much easier to gain this insight in actual practice by using SkyGlue. More in our blog post

Room for Improvement:

1. Long URLs in the "Source" field get hidden by text in the next column, making it difficult to decipher them. 2. Event tracking is not realtime. 3. No email alerts about significant events.

Other Advice:

Typical use cases are microsites, landing pages and all pages on a website that contain Call To Action (CTA). We didn't bother to do any ROI analysis since SkyGlue costs only US$ 20 / mo. That said, we're confident that SkyGlue can deliver positive ROI for almost all types of websites. We tried KISSmetrics, FootPrintLive and OpenTracker. We finally selected SkyGlue primarily because it's the only product that automates in-page event tracking.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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