Sungard Data Center Outsourcing Review

State of the Equipment and well maintained Data Centers help reduce hosting and operational costs.

Valuable Features:

The Data Center Outsourcing or Managed Hosting is offered in various data centers. The same data centers also are used to offer Disaster Recovery testing rental sites. These sites are adequately setup with Hardware cages, Storage Units and networking equipment. They offer all the needed hardware and operating system options with full state of the art monitoring capabilities. Remote VPN access is available and the centers are managed on a 24/7 basis taking care of all day to day data center activities.

Room for Improvement:

One needs to carefully evaluate the pricing options for managed hosting. While the hardware costs are reasonable, extra services needed for configuration of servers and networking equipment can add up. Remember that most of the equipment at SunGard is monitored remotely with very few people onsite. You are better off choosing standard hardware and software configurations to save cost.

Other Advice:

The data centers also offer conference rooms and some common rooms with recreational facilities. Make a complete list of what your current hardware footprint is and then compute costs of manged hosting. Also, compare these costs with some other players in the managed hosting arena like CSC Networks and IBM outsourcing solutions. Cost and equipment quality was a big factor in our choice of SunGard data center hosting.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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