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Using SecureChange and SecureApp, it makes life easier for the user community and the firewall engineers by not having to manually input firewall rules.

Valuable Features

I am working in a DevOps environment. We are trying to automate firewall rules and allow Tufin to push these changes for us. Using SecureChange and SecureApp, it makes life easier for the user community and the firewall engineers by not having to manually input firewall rules. The DevOps environment allows the users to pick from a catalog and request what they need. SecureTrack gives us the audit capability of what is/was implemented.

To me, SecureTrack is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it allows you to see what is used and not used with your firewall, and gives extensive analysis in a very short period of time.

Improvements to My Organization

I can run SecureTrack for a week and have a great idea of what’s being used. Ideally, you want to let it run for a year, accumulate data, go over a years’ worth of data and decide what really needs to be cleaned up.

You will see in one report what is being used (IP addresses or services) and what has never been used.

Gone are the days of reviewing logs to figure out, "do I still need this rule/service?" It’s been a really great piece of software.

Room for Improvement

Probably in the ad-hoc reporting. They give you the canned reports. We do use the API calls, but it would be nicer if they could just give you a drag-and-drop function in the reporting. Pick anything out of the database and massage that data the way you want it.

Tufin has been working with us hand-in-hand lately because they do see that we are doing a lot of cloud-development work with automation. It’s in all our best interest going forward and they have responded seeing the future is in the cloud.

Use of Solution

Personally I have been using Tufin for seven years across different companies.

Deployment Issues

No issues encountered. Strongly encourage an HA environment.

Scalability Issues

It’s holding up real good with scalability and stability. We have not run out of power on the box. They have been here on site and see what we are doing and how we are doing it. We are telling them what we need and they are doing it. They are pushing the envelope in their development side to try and meet our demands.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The level of service is excellent. I can’t overstate that. We open a lot of tickets because we are using a lot of things that a lot of people are not using in the product, which is too bad. Most people don’t understand the power this product brings to the table.

The technical support team is right on top of it. They don’t just leave you hanging. They know the guts of the product. They are able to get in and figure out what is happening and get you up and running again.

A lot of companies will put the new guy on the front lines so that they learn the product line quicker, Tufin does not do that, these guys actually know their stuff. If they don’t know they go straight to the developers. I can’t praise them high enough.

Technical Support:

We have a great relationship. You need help and they are there. If that’s operating system support or the application, their engineers are very resourceful. Looking at their roadmap, we see great improvements coming to cover the new world of automation and cloud computing.

Bottom line they are very responsive, and very good.

Initial Setup

It’s easy to deploy. It’s a very easy product to work with. It’s one of the easier products to implement.

Implementation Team

In-house with Tufin on-call ready to help.


We have made a ROI. We have invested a lot of money in these products. Any company that puts in SecureTrack alone will see a very quick return on investment.

With SecureApp we are automating cloud development work, the only thing we have to do at the end of the day is go to the firewalls and click ‘install’. It will do the end to end analysis for you.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

You need to approach it from a cost perspective. If you have to go through and analyze a rule base, it’s going to take you months and months and a lot of people. If you use Tufin, right off the bat, it’s collecting the information and it’s going to tell you what’s been hit or not. It will tell you how many hits on each source/destination address, and services.

Other Advice

It’s the Swiss army knife of tools. I’m sold on it. It’s so easy to use. We use it to its full potential. It has some great bells and whistles.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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