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We use the SecureTrack module for firewall audits and analyses. While some devices are not reporting correctly to it, it could be a software compatibility issue requiring an update on our side.

Valuable Features

The module we have used the most is SecureTrack. Our technicians use that for firewall audits and analysis. We use other drivers due to PCI regulations, so we have to have proper reporting compliance, change management, and network changes. Also in our road map is to implement secure change.

Room for Improvement

Based on the work our technician has done on it, I think it serves the purpose we brought it in for. The only issue we have had is that we have been working a long time, from the build and configuration, and we still have one issue that our Palo Alto devices are still not reporting correctly to Tufin and that needs to be resolved. I believe it’s a software compatibility issue, so it might require an update on our side. That’s still an outstanding issue. We have a known issue integrating Palo Alto, but if they have a roadmap with other customers we would love to know.

Use of Solution

We've used it for almost a year.

Stability Issues

Performance is good and any queries we run are smooth and straightforward. But we haven’t loaded too much on yet. There’s a lot of build still to come. For the basic purpose of what we are using it for, it’s pretty good.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They are knowledgeable and available. I've had no issues with professional services.

Previous Solutions

Exactly because we had no firewall analyzer or a compliance and reporting tool, we brought it in. We have business requirements like PCI, and we are yet to use it for reporting or secure change.

Initial Setup

We just put it in to the rack, consoled in, and did the basic set up.

Implementation Team

We did it ourselves. Just looked at the PDF.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

When I did the self-service for licensing, I encountered some issues. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t know how many we had purchased before I had arrived, as it was sold through a WebEx.

Other Advice

Pretty good, very supportive, understanding and recognizing we need to move in a phased manner. They are definitely in it for the long term. Support and professional services, we will require going in to the future.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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