Tufin Review

It's assisted and steamlined the change process for firewalls, routers and switching ACLs.

Valuable Features:

  1. It's easily deployable.
  2. It provides change and reporting on changes 
  3. One of the features helps you clean up firewall rules, and maintain a good, clean rule set.

Improvements to My Organization:

From an organizational standpoint, it can help improve for one by streamlining the change process, assisting and streamlining the change process for firewalls, routers and switching ACLs.

Also, it can help with compliance from an organizational standpoint, maintaining a certain level of compliance. Also, reporting - it provides reporting to auditors for the organizational level that need to provide evidence and for other auditors outside the organisation.

Room for Improvement:

They could improve their support. 

They've already known about their support being kind of shaky. They can make the product more MSP ready, managed service provider ready. They can do that.

Outside of that, I can't really think of anything right now, but making it MSP ready and providing better support, I think they can definitely improve upon.

Use of Solution:

5 years.

Deployment Issues:

I am impressed with the deployability. The set-up is really straight forward. I mean, I had one of my guys who has never really touched a computer before set one up.

Stability Issues:

I believe it is stable, well not every time, but 99.9% of the time.

Scalability Issues:

It scales okay. They can add some scalability to it, yes, they can definitely add scalability to it.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Their pricing is too expensive, and I think they're one of the best products on the market but I think they can't get enough market share because of the pricing (the licensing). It's too expensive. They changed licensing models a couple of times I think, but I think they need to be more cognizant of the middle market, as far as licensing. 

Other Advice:

My advice would be to do your research first on the product. Make sure it's going to cover everything you need, which it does. They have several uses for Tufin, several models as far as function like Securetracks, Securechange and the Secureapp, so you've got to do your research and someone may need all of the orchestration, the full Orchestration Suite.

I would ask you to just research it, make sure you get what you need because quite often people go to buy Tufin and they go to buy the Securetrack just the Securetrack firewall changes, that they end up getting a quote for Securechange, Secureapp, and not even know it, and they say "Oh, that's too expensive," but that's not really what they wanted, they just want the Securetracks.

I would also have them get a competitor, a demo ware competitor and compare it to Tufin just so they can see how well Tufin out-performs their competitor.

In regards to my rating of 8, if they did mark the price down, change the licensing model to include more middle market, so they can reach the middle market and get more market share, and also provided their partners, and this is going to be a big one for them, provide their partners with two-way licensing so their partners can use the product for free.

If I am partnering up with Tufin, and I've got to keep downloading demos to use it and I have to advise potential users about the Tufin product, it's just not going to work. They should give me the product for free, especially if I have sold a few deals for them, they should give me the product for free with a couple hundred licenses that I can use anywhere I want to. This should be done every year, so long as I'm a partner.

That would help increase their visibility, their market share, and bring them up from an eight to maybe a nine or so.

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