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Optimizing my firewalls and the reporting functionality are the main reasons I initially chose this solution.

Valuable Features:

I find that he most valuable feature is actually optimizing my real firewalls. It shows me any issues. I track the change and it will tell me when it is actually going to affect any other rules or any other applications. That is the biggest feature.

Then the reporting functionality that comes along with it - for one change, this change what, when, etc. This is the main function that I will always be using, as well as positioning of the rules on the rule base and to optimize the firewall for me. Those are the best features and that is what sold me initially.

The thing I like about it is that it's real time, that's the biggest benefit. It helps me with everything that I need to do. Every time we want to make a change we put it in the system and it tells us, OK all good, or it tells you, these, this and this you have to fix. Have a look at it, send it to the service, they have a look at it, mediate, put it through again, and if it is clean it will go.

Improvements to My Organization:

It prevents human error. That is the biggest benefit for me as you can load in as much high availability as you wish. Human error is always the thing that is hardest to get rid of as well because now the change team don't question any rule base that we are putting in because of the checks Tufin does prior to the change, so we know the impact is not going to impact anybody else. What the biggest problem was whenever we would change a rule before there was always the question, what is the small thing doing. Now I can do production changes during production time. Due to this, we have a seen a positive impact for the company, and that is what they wanted.

Stability Issues:

Small reactive. It is sometimes stuck or kind of jumps, but no actually business impact, but from an IT perspective, whatever we want we are getting on the fly.

Scalability Issues:

It's not actually user intensive, so it does not hamper our power in any way.

Customer Service:

It is expensive. It cost me about a million, which is quite expensive for us, but the benefit is worth it.

Previous Solutions:

I used to have FireMon, and we changed it  because of their features. The main feature that made us change was SecureChange, and like I said when you do changes now, assist with the change that you are going to make to see if there is impact to the other, so this is what gives us this feature, now you can assess and say, will it have a problem? That is why it helps with the changes.

Other Advice:

I'd definitely say go with Tufin as it's a brilliant solution. What is brilliant is the firewalls themselves. I'd check out CheckPoint as well to make sure that the solution meets your needs and works with your plans. It doesn't matter what CheckPoint plans you use, Tufin works with them all.

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