Tufin Review

Allows us to run a report to see changes that were made and roll them back if necessary.

Valuable Features

At the moment, it's that it takes the changes made during the day and runs a report during the night so that we can go back and if there was an issue, see if it had something to do with changes that we made in the firewall.

Improvements to My Organization

Day to day, if you have a problem you can go back and see if it could be something that is related to a change that you made, because the time of the change is the same as the time the problem appeared. Then we can roll back.

Room for Improvement

It's not only the firewall rulebase we are interested in, but also application control and URL filtering and they don't do this at the moment. Once they can handle this, then they will get a better rating.

Use of Solution

We've been using it for three or four years.

Stability Issues

It's absolutely stable.

Scalability Issues

We are large, but we have no problem with scalability. We have less than ten firewalls and it handles the traffic well.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We're not in touch with Tufin, and haven't had to contact our partner much either.

Initial Setup

It was easy. More or less, it's just plug n play.

Implementation Team

Our partner/reseller installed it for us.

Other Solutions Considered

We also looked at AlgoSec, but I don't know why Tufin was chosen as this was decided by senior management.

Other Advice

Once the application control is in the system, it is a great product.

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