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We now have rule based analysis, and we can move in, see unused rules, and try to optimize the rule base.

Valuable Features

We purchased Tufin for the rule based analysis, so that when we did a Check Point migration from the earlier versions everything was OK. We now have rule based analysis, and we can move in, see unused rules, and try to optimize the rule base.

Tufin enabled us to clean out the rule base pre-migration. There's no point in migrating old and unused rules and objects to a new solution, so we were trying to be a bit proactive. That's why we purchased this solution and we had someone from Interel come over and help us configure it.

Room for Improvement

SecureChange has been a bit of a challenge. It's been a long time coming, and I guess improvement is also needed in their relationship with the customer to get the initial functions of it working. It's more making the move towards SecureChange which possibly isn't down to them, it's probably down to our relationship with our reseller and nailing each other down. Maybe it's a non-issue. For what we use it for, it's been great.

Use of Solution

We've used it for between four and six years.

Stability Issues

After a while, we found that we'd not really given it enough TLC for a couple of years. Therefore, we ended up in the situation where we had to get the guys from Interel to fine tune the appliance memory wise because it was little old. By the time we started using it to its full extent, you end up being able to fine tune it and eventually realize even that wasn't going to cut it and we ended up having to virtualize and it seems to be OK now.

Scalability Issues

We didn't have as much advanced management at that time. Over time, we've merged with other areas of our business and inherited many more advances, bobbles, with that, I think that's where we came across the problem that we wanted so many things active and realized that we did actually need to upscale the deployment.

We originally purchased it mainly for Check Point and then ended up purchasing Cisco ASA and Palo Alto licenses, so we ended up with more stuff than we originally purchased it for. Hence the need to upgrade for VMware and memory.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It has been good. When we've had an issue they've been very good. We were on the phone and I remember a conference with the support guys and they really went out of their way to help us out.

Initial Setup

It was fairly easy to deploy. We originally purchased the 500 series appliance, which was mid-range appliance and then we ended up eventually virtualizing that appliance and moving it to VMware, which is what we've now got. I don't remember ever having any major issues.

Other Solutions Considered

We did look at another solution, but don't ask me what it was called, I don't even remember. We did look at it at the same time, but it couldn't really do half of the things that Tufin did. I can't remember back that far, but I remember we looked at it and it was all really clunky. It didn't feel right, it didn't do half of the stuff that it was meant to be able to do and it was very slow as well. We pretty much put it out straight away.

Other Advice

It's done a good job. We've not fully utilized all of its features, we've hardly scratched the surface really, it's a powerful bit of tech and we've pretty much used it for a specific purpose that we purchased it for and realized it can be used a lot more, having said that we ended up purchasing second shares as well. We are now in the process of testing SecureChange because that was something that was really pushed through quite recently.

For us it works, it's a great solution, but that's not to say that there isn't a better one out there. Anyone that looks and researches, they probably look at different supplies of the same solution and make up their own minds really. It is the best tool for the job and technology moves on so, who knows.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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