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We're a Check Point shop and it works well.

Valuable Features:

The way we've set up our policies are pretty unique in what they do, so there's not a lot of compare between them. But, historic is really important. We look at them and we say what is and what isn't important. We run through the compliance and the best practices. We're just starting to look at real usage and integration. That way, we would be able to say, "Okay, if this hasn't been used in a long time, maybe it's time to get rid of it." And we would be able to do our own cleanup because the tool will then tell us the value on long-term usage so we can take more advantage of it in real time.

Improvements to My Organization:

We perform a lot of compares that show what was and what is now in our rule sets. In case there are issues or when somebody says, "Hey, this was working but now it doesn't," or, "Oh, I'm pretty sure that was in there and you must have removed it," we can validate those changes and go back in the history, say yes or no and do compares. There's a lot of new features that we're hoping to utilize, learn more about, and take advantage of. It's a timing thing and it's also education. We've been a Tufin customer for a long time and really like the product. We need to grow as much as the product is growing. 

There's tons of stuff in the product. The issue is more about what I don't know about it than what I am using it for. They definitely have kept up with the product and kept it moving forward. It looks like a really great partnership with Check Point and a lot of vendors. We're a Check Point shop, so it works very well.

Room for Improvement:

We’ve asked them how to shorten the length of the change reports for global rules. They're going to try to allow us to select whether the global rule is reporting, or they're going to tell us how to do it a different way. We just brought it to their attention, so we're going to bring it to engineering. We’d like the reporting to be something similar to the reporting that Check Point puts out. There's some functionality that is very simple. I'll call it human reporting, such as a shared secret for a VPN change. Tufin does a really great job providing technical reporting, but it is unreadable to the average person. You look at it and think, "Yeah, I don't know what that did." We're asking Tufin to look at it, go over it with us, and say, "Is there a better way?" Either we're doing it wrong or they can improve the product to make it a little more usable, or at least readable.

Stability Issues:

It's been a very strong, reliable product.

Scalability Issues:

As long as we keep up with the revisions, it's been very scalable. We just did another upgrade because we considered it a little slow. We were running an old version. Once we upgraded, it's been rock-solid. It's always been there, it's always been good.

Customer Service:

We've been with Tufin for a long time. They’ve been very responsive to us. There was some changeover, and we have a new sales team. They called up, we had a meeting, and then, boom, we said, “Okay, let's schedule our upgrades.” That happened within two weeks.

The sales team so far has been great. We mentioned to them we're not educated enough on the product, they've already started talking to us about how to fix that. They're very responsive to our needs. It's a time and place issue, like anything. Unfortunately, we have to make the time and effort just as much as they have. They want to know when we want it. So they've been great for us, we've been very pleased with Tufin as a company.

They've been great. We have a good relationship with them and the product does a lot of things that we want. When I get challenged or it doesn't do what I want, it very easily could be me. I may be using it in the wrong fashion. 

We learned how to use it by just going and figuring it out ourselves. The way I'm doing a lot of things might not be the way they were designed to be done. But, as far response times from the company and everything else like that, I've been really pleased.

Initial Setup:

We've had it for a very long time. We've just been upgrading it as long as I've been with the company. It was in place before I joined the company.

Other Solutions Considered:

At the moment, we’re not thinking of switching to another vendor. I know there's a couple of other monitoring solutions, like FireMon, or a couple of other systems that people have looked at.

Other Advice:

Try it. It's a great relationship, but it's also a great product to work with.

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