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Helps us with troubleshooting to find out what changed. Patching and speed are issues.

Valuable Features

The governance feature is handy in the process flow. Tufin is easy for an average user to be able to put in their request and have it automatically assigned to other firewalls.

We are able to review changes from the previous day to be able to compare if there's a change that goes in from one day to the next, if there's an issue, we can see what change has occurred. You can see that through the reporting. It's quick to go and pull up what changed between the two days. It works great for the users to be able to put it in. And then troubleshooting afterward if something happened to find out what had changed.

Improvements to My Organization

It has come a long way. Compared to where we were, it's significantly better. We were using an internal process that was intensive. This is clearly better.

Room for Improvement

From my limited use of it directly as a user, I don't think it's efficiently comparing. We were looking for a 2 of 3 match that haven’t used the same rule, and it's not working as well. It's adding additional rules into our policy at times. It could be more effective than that. I’d like it to add fewer rules but still keep the same security posture.

We’ve also had issues with speed, and it needs to be a bit more reliable. It's definitely slows up. Sometimes, just when I log in, it didn't connect me to the system or we've had to do some emergency patches on it and it would take 10 or 15 minutes to get logged in. That was kind of weird and that's happened a couple times. I think it is user-friendly, outside of the things our own internal people have added and made it a little confusing.

I think the app could be a little bit improved in the way that it selects objects.

Stability Issues

From my user perspective, I think patching is an issue. I haven't done it, but I know they had to. It got slow, and there were issues getting connected in to it. Everything was running slow a few different times. We’ve had to contact support. There's been times we've lost a day and a half of usage.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have not had to use technical support.

Implementation Team

I was not part of the implementation.

Other Advice

It works well. It’s something you would send a colleague to use. It gives a nice process flow as far as the end user putting something in, having governance check, and being able to have multiple work screens because we have different areas of the company and different processes. They have to have different work flows. We use multiple work flows. That's handy. You can build those in, you select from the beginning and then you're off and running.

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