What is Cloudbric?

Cloudbric is a cloud-based web security service, offering an award-winning Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, SSL, and CDN, all in a full-service package. Utilizing Penta Security Systems’ patented Logic Analysis Engine to filter malicious website traffic with proven precision, Cloudbric delivers lower false positives than any industry competitor. Cloudbric’s web security services are free for all websites with less than 4GB of bandwidth per month. We charge based on amount of web traffic, making Cloudbric perfect for SMEs, new startups, and personal websites.
Cloudbric customers
MetLife, LG, BMW, Nike, eBay, AXA, ING, SoftBank, Marriott, UNICEF, Lotte, Tesco, Honda, Samsung
Cloudbric Pricing

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