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CoSign is a PKI-based, off-the-shelf digital-signature solution that can be integrated with a wide range of applications. CoSign enables organizations to embed digital signatures in various documents, forms, and transactions. CoSign is a turnkey, hardware-based solution that is easily and quickly deployed in the network and provides cost-effective digital-signature capabilities for the organization. CoSign stores the signature credentials in a secure server, ensuring that the signer has exclusive access to his or her signature credentials, while still maintaining a centrally managed solution. This is necessary in order to fulfill the security requirement of the data authentication system. Another option is to use the CoSign Cloud service. An organization can register its users to the service and thus enable them to digitally sign content without having to deploy the CoSign appliance on the organizational premises.
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AbbVie, Actavis, Air Techniques, Amicus Therapeutics, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Aptiv Solutions, McKesson Corporation, MedImmune, Reata Pharmaceuticals, San Raffaele S.p.A., Sanico
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