Datablink Mobile 200 Overview

What is Datablink Mobile 200?

Datablink Mobile 200 offers advanced authentication and financial transactions signing for organizations and their customers. It enables advanced authentication and financial transaction signing. Rather than requiring a user to physically type a code into a device to generate a one-time password, users simply use their smartphone to confirm their identities. No other devices are required. To verify a user's identity or sign a specific transaction, the organization can choose to employ push technology or use a QR Code that is read by the user's smartphone camera. 

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Datablink Mobile 200 Customers
Mizuho, Banco Paulista, BTGPactual, Cetip, Telefonica, FIS, TOTVS, ICBC, Azul, Sicob, Unimed, Ype, Digitro, Brinks, Martins, Sicredi
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