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Real User
Director of Infrastructure Operations at ONEOK, Inc.
Jul 12 2018

What do you think of FlexPod?

Improvements to My Organization As far as improvement, I don't know of anything immediate other than the performance with the All Flash. For our disaster recovery (DR), we rely heavily on SnapMirror technologies to accomplish our disaster recovery in VMware SRM. The most immediate benefit is definitely the performance. • Valuable Features When it started out, we did not purchase it as a FlexPod. It sort of organically grew into a FlexPod: UCS, VMware, and Cisco for the network.  The storage is reliable in its performance. • Stability Issues The only downtime that we have had has been our fault with misconfiguration issues. • Scalability Issues It does scale. It scales very well. • Customer Service and Technical Support I have to admit that I don't call them...

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