Green Revolution Cooling CarnotJet Overview

What is Green Revolution Cooling CarnotJet?
Green Revolution Cooling CarnotJet System is a liquid immersion cooling solution for data center servers. Rack-mounted servers from any OEM are installed in special racks filled with a dielectric mineral oil blend called ElectroSafe, an electrical insulator with 1,200x more heat capacity by volume than air. The ElectroSafe coolant is a non-toxic, clear, odorless, dielectric mineral oil blend. Dielectric oils have a history of being used in not just computing and electric power applications but in medical and domestic applications. The CarnotJet System has four major components: Rack (42U) tipped over its back and enclosed in a tank, Pump Module (2N redundant) including the heat exchanger and strainer, DCIM & Control System and Cooling Tower or dry cooler to extract heat from the system.

Green Revolution Cooling CarnotJet is also known as CarnotJet.

Green Revolution Cooling CarnotJet Customers
Vienna Scientific Cluster
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