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What is QA InfoTech Performance and Load Testing Services?

QA InfoTech has a dedicated and focused group of engineers who are experts in developing performance tests for applications, built around a custom robust strategy. These engineers not only are experienced in commercial performance testing tools like Load Runner, Silk Performer but are also proficient in testing using Jmeter and other open source test automation tools. To conduct an effective JMeter load testing services effort, the performance test research group at QA InfoTech has developed several plugins for Jmeter that enhances the tool’s capabilities. These plugins enable performance analysis for any web application and mitigates limitations of the open source tools, including limitations around support for specific protocols, executing tests on distributed load generators, automated generation of reports, performing chaos engineering amongst others. The team has a lot of experience in rendering performance testing services using Jmeter for all kinds of web applications, mobile applications, web services, APIs and internet based desktop applications and also extending the services with smart engineering, beyond what the core tools have to offer.

Considering website load testing services as the core for delivering a desirable user experience, our team has expertise with all the intricate nuances involved in the whole process and continues to research and evolve with ongoing technology changes in this space. As a performance testing company, besides the other quality services we provide, the offerings in this space, address the requirements of products in several domains and technologies.

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