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ReversingLabs Titanium Platform is the #2 ranked solution in our list of top Threat Intelligence Platforms. It is most often compared to VirusTotal: ReversingLabs Titanium Platform vs VirusTotal

What is ReversingLabs Titanium Platform?

ReversingLabs delivers advanced malware analysis and insights into destructive files and objects that address the the latest attacks, advanced persistent threats and polymorphic malware. These threats routinely defeat current anti-virus scanner, white list, behavioral and sandbox technology thus requiring tedious, manual analysis by highly skilled experts

Through its automated static analysis and file reputation platform, it delivers the fastest and most accurate insights in the industry, finding the hidden objects that are armed to destroy enterprise business value.

The hybrid cloud platform provides connectors that integrate with existing security investments such as EDR, email gateways, IDS, SIEM, threat intelligence platforms and sandboxes, reducing incident response time for SOC analysts, while providing high priority and detailed threat information for hunters to take quick action through advanced search and YARA rule tooling.

ReversingLabs has become an essential threat solution across the most advanced security companies in the industry, while supporting all industries searching for a better way to get at the root of the web, mobile, email, cloud, app development and supply chain threat problem, of which files and objects have become major risk contributors.

ReversingLabs Titanium Platform is also known as ReversingLabs Titanium.

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ReversingLabs Titanium Platform Customers

Financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing, oil & gas, telecommunications, information technology

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Forensic Lead, Global Security Fusion Center at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
Real User
Very good malware and goodware repository and enables us to look more deeply at indicators of compromise

What is our primary use case?

We use it to analyze and pull out any indicators of compromise from malware that we get within the environment. We check to see if those indicators are seen throughout our infrastructure. We also do some type of open-source intelligence using the platform, at a basic level, dumping emails into it to see if it can parse out any of the URLs and the like. But that part is very basic. We're basically using it as a "sandbox" for static analysis. It's on-prem. Only certain people have access to it. It's not integrated into our whole environment as of yet. I would like it to be in our plans to do so… more »

Pros and Cons

  • "The automated static analysis of malware is the most valuable feature. Its detection abilities are very good. It hits all of the different platforms out there, platforms that see the items in the wild."
  • "I would like to see if we could do a little bit more of bulk uploading of hash sets. Right now, I can only do them individually."

What other advice do I have?

Work with the ReversingLabs team. They're great to work with, and they're willing to help in any way. The biggest lesson I've learned from using it is that I need to know a heck of a lot more about the solution's power and how we can better integrate it into the environment for all our teams to use. We don't deploy it in a fashion where it is integrated with our existing security investments as of yet. We are going to look into those integrations in the next few quarters. Right now, it's more of a standalone analysis system that is not hooked up to any of our EDR solutions. We have also not…