SecurDPS Enterprise Overview

What is SecurDPS Enterprise?

The Data-Centric Security approach focuses on protecting data at its earliest point, while de-protecting only when absolutely necessary
SecurDPS Enterprise deploys tokenization technology to anonymize and pseudonymize sensitive and personal data.

Our tokenization stands above the rest. SecurDPS Enterprise combines the comforte AG patented, stateless tokenization algorithm and the proven, highly scalable and fault-tolerant architecture.

Augmented by a broad range of integration options, SecurDPS Enterprise allow business applications to be implemented quickly with on-premise, multicloud, Big Data, and data warehouse deployments without changes in infrastructure or code.

SecurDPS Enterprise also deploys encryption technology in cases where the data-centric benefits of tokenization are not required.

SecurDPS Enterprise Buyer's Guide

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IBM, infrasoft, CGI, 4techsoftware
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