Symantec Identity Governance and Administration Scalability

Operation Risk Senior Manager/CRO at I-SCORE
I did not specifically examine scalability during the implementation because I did not have the chance or the necessity. We were in the process of considering all that we needed and not what would happen if we needed to scale to expand the system. From what I remember, we also had plugins that we could have installed so maybe the availability of plugins is an example that it is scalable in the sense of functionality. But I think, with CA, that the scalability is fine and it is exactly what an organization will need as they grow. We are not involved in really scaling the product when we are deploying it. For availability, I think you can definitely scale up as much as you want because you deploy the clients and the endpoint or the console. So in this way scalability works from an availability standpoint. For scaling the functionality of the product itself, I think it will need some other kind of intervention or maybe new development. It depends on what you need and what they already have in the form of plugins. I know they have an API but we did not need to work with it for our purposes. With the API's you can extend the functionality outside the original identity. During the process with a particular client that I have in mind, we argued about the starting point for the verification and whether it should be the HR system or the identity. This is a business decision that has to comply with the rules and business processes as defined by the organization and any regulations that apply. The question has to be answered before a solution can be put in place. With this client, we agreed that the starting point was the HR system, and one of the proposed solutions was that the HR system would call an API to perform the provisioning for identity. That was one possible approach. The second approach to working with identity was to install an agent on the HR system that could be run on a schedule. This solution is what we settled on and we agreed that this would be scheduled to run once a day, which is more than enough for what they needed to accomplish. Because we chose the second approach we did not go for working with the APIs. The approach would be to run the process once a day on schedules like when most of the system resources would be in minimal demand — for example at the end of the workday. This would be done to check each employee for those that were added, transferred or changed privileges. And then an automated adjustment would be done for functionality and organization based on the established rules. This is the kind of flexibility you have in deciding processes for an enterprise business — even a very complex business with demanding requirements. It shows another type of scalability. View full review »
Solution Architect with 1-10 employees
We have encountered issues with scalability. View full review »
Umair Akhlaque
Enterprise Solutions & Services Head at Duroob Technologies
This product is highly customizable and flexible in terms of handling customer requirements. View full review »
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