Which is the best legacy IDM solution for SAP GRC?


I have more than seven years of experience working at a bank. 

We bought SAP GRC that came with SAP IDM. Should we leverage SAP IDM and customize it for legacy or should we acquire a specialized legacy IDM solution? Which is the best option and which solution would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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I have experience with SAP IDM for SAP only and not for other systems. That said, the recommendation would depend on a much more detailed analysis and also a list of which “legacy” systems they have to integrate.

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SAP IDM is a powerful tool if you stay within the „SAP ecosystem“ if you have a lot more applications and target systems to connect you should definitely look into a a full comprehensive IDM solution like Omada. Gartner’s rated Omada as a top vendor for governance needs

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I’m definitely not an expert in SAPG GRC but I can do some research if I have more details about the request. What are the requirements, what does he want to do?

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You could consider Ubisecure for external IDM needs and Omada for internal external.

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If you are looking for an SAP Certified IAM solution then I suggest One Identity’s Identity Manager product.

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