Are Laserfiche and OnBase considered eBPMs? How do they compare to AuraPortal?

Are Laserfiche and OnBase considered eBPMs? How do they compare to AuraPortal?

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I am not familiar with LaserFiche or AuraPortal, but we employ OnBase here and I am familiar with IBM's ECM platform. Without splitting too many hairs, tools like these provide a "content-enabled" workflow and are often referred to as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. That is, they don't do anything until a piece of content presents itself for processing. They are very good at automating/mechanizing a wide variety of business processes that have a form (paper or electronic) associated with them. Business Process Management packages are designed to be able to create workflows that do not depend on a piece of content to function properly. So, it depends on what problem you are trying to solve. If the business process that you are trying to automate has content (forms, faxes, etc) then ECM packages like OnBase, LaserFiche, etc. might fit your need. If you need to automate processes that do not require content, then a more traditional BPM system might be required.

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Laserfiche and OnBase can both be classified as such. They both run very robust Business Process Management applications. I personally know that the Laserfiche application has grown enormously over the past few years and is classified by the Gartner Group as one of the leaders in the industry. If you would like more specifics I would gladly discuss with you but would require a few more details.

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