Are you using a SIEM platform with AWS Cloudwatch?

Is AWS Cloudwatch enough on its own, or is it a good idea to use a SIEM platform in conjunction with it?

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CloudWatch is great, but it's not enough on its own. CloudWatch provides some limited alerting capabilities, but this is nothing like a true correlation engine or behavioral anomaly detection engine. You really need to feed your CloudWatch data into a SIEM or UEBA to get the most value from those logs. Also note that many of the logs that get fed into CloudWatch could also be fed directly to a SIEM via other means like syslog or agents, so you should consider what requirements you need to fulfill and where you'll get the best value for your money.

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Security is changing, they finding always new possibilities to break in. AWS Cloudwatch is more monitoring and log analytics tool, while a SIEM is more a security tool. So yes if your business is important an can not have a long downtime. The combination is better.

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