2014-03-24 12:42:00 UTC

How does Amazon compare to alternative cloud solutions?

22 Answers

Very reliable, very well documented if you need how to's, indeed not cheap but would be my number 1 choice if I have to choose cloud services in my next workplace. I had an urgent project and had to learn EC2 from scratch within 2 days, their documentation is so good, I did it successfully- even faster than planned.

2014-03-25 13:00:17 UTC25 March 14
Real User

Very reliable. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.
My experience with the service was that if I needed something that wasn't already offered by Amazon - this exact solution was announced by Amazon only a few weeks later - just in time for me to use it. Amazon's execution is Very impressive, and they know the community and its needs very well.

2014-03-24 13:06:41 UTC24 March 14
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