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How does HPE StormRunner compare to tools from other providers?


Wondering if folks have quick perspectives on StormRunner vs. tools from other vendors (IBM, Microsoft, SAP)...

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The HP Stormrunner product manager presented to my team yesterday.
I saw a live demo and read the info on the HP web site:
It is cloud based, but supports on premise generators and monitors.
It is deliberately designed to be simple to use, it has built in analytics that will identify and try and diagnose an anomalous response in real time while the test is running.
I have not seen this before in a tool.
HP is releasing updates with new features every few months.
Its definitely worth considering.

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Concur with all the thoughts shared. StormRunner Load is now in version 1.95 with the following additional updates:-

* Support for SAP GUI
* Integrate StormRunner’s public API into your applications to run an existing StormRunner test and get the test results.

* Docker SiteScope integration - Docker measurements are now available for SiteScope monitors.

The following Dynamic Docker monitor types are supported:

Cluster Swarm

* Enhanced Jenkins plugin - The JenkinsStormPlugin.hpi generates an JUnit (xml) file in the workspace folder.

* Script labels - Organize scripts in the repository with labels

* Enable multiple IP addresses from a cloud load generator - Configure cloud load generators to host multiple IPs to address load balancing and security defense mechanisms.

* Support for Rackspace (London) - Distribute VUsers using Rackspace for the London region.

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Without specifying your requirements, comparing a specific tool to any other has little meaning.

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StormRunner is based on LoadRunner from HPE and it is very good tool compared to the tools from other vendors (those mentioned) because you can really replicate the real user behaviour. Scripts are made with VuGen who is very flexible. If I have the choice I would use LoadRunner instead of StormRunner Load because the last one is in cloud (here depends of the architecture of the test if it is an advantage or not). On the other hand the license of StormRunner is much cheaper... I think is a better choice than IBM, Microsoft or SAP (btw SAP uses LoadRunner :) a rebranded version for them). For a more detailed response I would need more details regarding the test the needs to be done.

Kind regards

Victor Horescu
Testing & Training Manager

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The benefit of StormRunner is that it is quick and easy to put together a test with Vugen that is the scripting tool that is used. Vugen is very userfriendly and is very well known (easy to find help). It is not costly to perform at test and you pay with credit card. You do not need a powerful generator and can skip the setup part to some extent.

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Also, if you have been using JMeter, LoadRunner, or Gatling for load testing, those virtual user scripts are compatible with StormRunner!

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As far as StormRunner goes, it is a cloud based performance testing solution, that is priced based on consumption. So, You create virtual user scripts using HPE's free VuGen software and then you put these into StormRunner Load via your SaaS account with HPE. Once you specify how many users you want to run, for how long and from what geographic location (it will virtualize network conditions for you, such as London, LA, etc.), once you hit 'run test' it provisions all your load generators and you are charged as your load test progresses. As far as analytics, you can expect similar quality to LoadRunner and Performance Center but StormRunner has a nice updated UI to go along with it. It does support fewer technologies than LoadRunner but it has the main ones, TruClient, Web, SAP, web services, etc. And it does support on-premise installation, you would need to talk to a sales rep to get that.

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Yeah its good, any cloud based testing tools shall support web-based protocols only. Heavy duty protocols are not well supported. Stormrunner like other cloud based tool support the web-based, intergate Jmeter scripts and truclient and many more. The only disadvantage is it does not have in-premises installation like SOASTA cloud Lite.

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