2016-07-31 06:09:00 UTC

LastPass vs. Dashlane

I'm looking for a password manager for my company and the decision seems to be between LastPass and Dashlane. It's been difficult to decipher if either admin console monitors who pulls a password and when. Both have fairly vague description on their websites. 

From LastPass:

Tie Actions to Users

Detailed reporting logs track usage and updates to company accounts, so admins can maintain accountability and compliance.

From Dashlane:

Track usage in the Sharing Center to maintain compliance

Does anyone have experience with this and can share some insight?

22 Answers
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Have you checked out Keeper Security? They have detailed activity logs. Not sure if LP or DL have that same level of auditing. Also, I think Keepers solution is more secure.

2016-08-01 16:20:24 UTC
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Hello - Keeper has this functionality. Please contact us at sales@keepersecurity.com to learn more.


2016-08-03 13:41:22 UTC
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