2020-06-16 17:12:00 UTC

Looking for feedback about Seqrite UTM devices

Has anyone tested or is actively using the Seqrite range of UTM devices in production?

I just wanted an honest opinion about their performance and reliability.


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Without knowing much about Seqrite, I can offer this advice:

1. Request (2) loaners for you to test out. Any sales team worth their salt will agree to this simple request, especially if it's going to be 30 days or less.
2. Use a Penetration and Vulnerability tool so you can determine if bad operators can easily break in.

Keep this in mind for now and forever: If you sell a security service and your customer suffers from a number of attacks, any number at all, which leads to any kind of loss in productivity or intellectual property, they would consider it your fault, and you don't want that.

2020-06-17 17:46:38 UTC
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Seqrite is new entrant in the perimeter security. Hence not have much option on it, but yes Seqrite is doing good in EPP.

2020-06-17 05:15:13 UTC
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Never heard about them.
I’m not into UTMs anyway except for small companies with few number of users and low outbound/ inbound traffic

2020-06-17 19:55:40 UTC
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@Sameer Mogale what do you think of Seqrite? Any early impressions? -- @Russell Rothstein  

2020-06-18 08:18:44 UTC
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I have never used this equipment, I can not really help. But if I base myself on the datasheets, it is an equipment which should function like Sophos or Fortinet

2020-06-17 09:11:37 UTC
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I dont know.

2020-06-16 19:16:32 UTC
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