2015-02-26 12:46:00 UTC

SCCM vs. vCenter Configuration Manager

We are looking to replace vCM (vCenter Configuration Manager). 

How does SCCM compare to the compliance aspect to vCM? 

What other aspects should we take into consideration?

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My first question when reading this post was why is your colleague looking to replace vCM with SCCM? Is it a license cost issue or are they moving from VMWare to Windows HyperV etc? Is their focus on problem management and any related patch management or compliance reporting with the change?

I have read some blog posts where SCCM users have complained about the detail provided in SCCM's compliance reports - where the user needs to consider their device naming and CMDB records to take advantage of the out of the box reporting. Posters noted customization of reports can lead to very long report run times and oversized detail. Specific to vCM, there are some available add on tools that address its weaknesses in compliance reporting so that gives another option - ie staying with vCM but installing an add on app to improve its compliance reporting/remediation.

2015-02-26 15:40:02 UTC26 February 15
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