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Business Analyst at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Jul 10 2019
Hello, Our company is looking to replace our current BI Reporting infrastructure which consists of using BIRT & Pentaho's Spoon. We've found a third party plugin that allows BIRT reports to run in Pentaho's ETL and has lasted us for 7 years.  We are now trying to replace this solution with a…more »
104 answers
it_user70353Hi, Your company can use Cognos BI, QlikView
Nicholas IvinsOracle OBIEE would be my reccomendation
ChristopherSmithI’ve been using Microsoft SQL Server tools since 1993 so SQL Server Reporting… more»
Alvaro Picado
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Systems Manager at a non-profit with 201-500 employees
Jul 15 2019
Which do you recommend? Cisco ASA 5516-X Security Appliance with FirePOWER Services or Fortinet  FG-100D-DBL? more »
71 answers
Andreas BeudenIt depends on the case. For segmentation you can use both. For Network… more»
Cristian BraneaCISCO ASA 5516-X with FirePower /services
reviewer609765Cisco ASA 5516-X Security Appliance with FirePOWER
Senior Manager Service Excellence at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
May 06 2019
I work for a very large, global financial institution and we are evaluating RPA solutions for a variety of use cases.  We would like to compare Blue Prism and UiPath. What are the pros and cons of each solution? What should we look for during our bakeoff?  Any "gotchas" we should know about? more »
24 answers
Fabrício CâmaraGood Morning! I currently use both tools. I particularly like UiPath for ease… more»
Lewin Joey I would strongly suggest that you also check out JiffyRPA as it comes… more»
Daniel WestevikIt depends. Blue Prism is good for integrations to ERP systems UiPath has a… more»
Janet Peng
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Manager of IT at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Jun 10 2019
Hi. I need to compare Nutanix and SimpliVity. What is the advantage of Nutanix over SimpliVity and vice versa? For an enterprise, how do I decide which one is better for my needs? more »
16 answers
Ennis IbarraIn a Nutshell, to keep it simple, they are both SaaS (Storage as a Service)… more»
Kris HakimiNutanix is the only SW based HCI vendor in the market today giving customers the… more»
Paul GrinoldThe advantage that Nutanix has over SimpliVity is that it is a distributed… more»
Fareed Ab
Sr Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Jun 11 2019
Right now we are using Smartbear TestComplete, but tried Ranorex as well. It is capturing some parts of data but because the data is constantly changing the script is failing as it couldn't find that particular field. We then need to export this data to excel.  Any suggestions?  Thanks! more »
18 answers
Thangavel SundaramIs the dynamic data occurring in a web table? In that case, we can use the… more»
Francesco PecchioliIn my opinion, Microfocus UFT (Unified Functional Testing) is the right tool for… more»
Amruta BendreThe best one I would suggest is to use Cucumber web driver javascript (Node js)… more»
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Solutions Director at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jun 10 2019
We use QTP scripts to perform our SAP automation. Our challenge is reducing the cost of Application Lifecycle Management licensing and moving towards open-source or low-cost tools. With more continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD) pipelines, JIRA seems…more »
10 answers
it_user529569On my experience you can do this but through Jenkins or Bamboo and ALM plugin… more»
Vandan NayakHave you had a chance to evaluate ALM Octane? For existing ALM and QC customers… more»
Brian Le SuerWe recognize that many of our customers are trying to reduce their costs by… more»
Carl Peterson
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IT Manager with 51-200 employees
Jul 10 2019
We are looking for an alternative solution to AWS. Do you think VMware’s HCI solution could be a good option to take a look at? Why? more »
14 answers
AmitMehtaIf I were in your place I would have explored Nutanix HCI as well. The advantage… more»
Rauf AdilIt's difficult to answer this question with the limited information. What is the… more»
Jim Lippsit all depends on the workload. If the workload is dynamic and you can actually… more»
Managing Director with 201-500 employees
Jun 24 2019
My client is a financial company using SAP in the following environment: Production Servers - 2 - 2 x HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server (2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4208 Processors) - 512Gb RAM with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 1-2 Sockets for OS - VMware vSphere to construct a total of 13 VMs across…more »
14 answers
Allan HammondIn terms of the Backup Server, the spec seems reasonable, although I do not have… more»
Tommy Myo Min AungFor this kind of environment, I don't see a better solution besides Veeam. You… more»
Pere ViñasI wouldn’t use tape library, you can use a NAS solution to store Veaam backup… more»
Regional Manager with 11-50 employees
May 17 2019
I am trying to compare Sophos and pfSense for my company. Which one is best and why? What is the biggest difference between Sophos and pfSense? Thanks for helping me with this important decision. more »
6 answers
reviewer772704I´m afraid I am not able to help in this matter. We´ve decided to for FortiGate… more»
Karl Hart, Acse, Ceh, Chfi, CissppfSense is just a basic firewall with VPN and Captive Portal functionality but… more»
reviewer241575With Sophos is easy to configure and you have the support from the frabicant… more»
Rene Salvo
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Senior Sales Support & Product Manager with 51-200 employees
May 01 2019
I have heard from our HPE Storage representatives that this product is going end of life. I have heard that in the past and it turned out that the version was EOL and they released a new version. I think the reps just want us quoting and selling more Nimble storage. I asked for them to send me…more »
5 answers
reviewer889695I have implemented Lefthand/VSA solutions since 2008 and it’s a good product but… more»
MassimoOrsiniHi, i am a Nutanix Partner. Someone told me that Simplivity is in EOL due to the… more»
SimonBeginHPE Storevirtual VSA has been documented EOL in this document… more»
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Sep 20 2019
There's a lot of vendor hype about enterprise backup and recovery software. What's really important to look for in a solution? Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now! more »
130 answers
it_user172683Solving My Backup Problem : - small time backup windows - Easy to recovery -… more»
it_user184029-The Average of daily or weekly changes in your data -High level of recovery… more»
it_user189318- Latency data transfer, mainly remote and long distance backups; - Performance… more»
Founder and CEO
IT Central Station
May 14 2019
One of our members (Principal IT Architect) at a company with 1,000+ employees in the health care industry asked the following question: Are there any other industry solutions that are comparable to the IBM FlashSystem (i.e. FS900 AEF3 in a medium or large config) with regard to performance? more »
34 answers
Rick KulaPure Storage All Flash NVMe
German VazquezI think Pure Storage All Flash NVMe
Erik BaumgartnerPure Storage PURPOSE-BUILT Flash systems (FlashArray, FlashBlade...). Nothing… more»
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
May 21 2019
Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!more »
56 answers
it_user174942Ease of use as for uniformed command line and syntax, JOIN performance and… more»
it_user175335Concurrency control, analytic functions and indexing options
it_user180621The metadata and the less "case when" script.
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Aug 30 2019
Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!more »
45 answers
it_user111366Behavior of an application or service provided to end users/customers with the… more»
it_user114456When monitoring network performance I look at the process, disk system activity… more»
it_user135258I tend to look at network performance from a VoIP perspective, so I'm looking at… more»
Miriam Tover
Community Mgr
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Jun 01 2019
Hi. I hear great things about both Dynatrace and AppDynamics. What is the advantage of Dynatrace over AppDynamics and vice versa? For an enterprise, how do I decide which one is better for my needs? more »
44 answers
reviewer595590Disclaimer : Working as developer at APM domain having good experience I… more»
Darshan KapadiaWe have implemented both solutions for our clients. Before you take a call on… more»
Randall HindsHello Janet, Having used both the products you mention in my team's current… more»
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