Viable, Cost-Effective Competitors to Rapid7 InsightIDK

I've been using Rapid7's InsightIDK since it was called UserInsight (and later InsightUBA).

It has really grown in that time, and has become a very useful tool for keeping track of user activity within the environment -- suspicious login times/patterns, lockouts, etc.

My concern is that the pricing is not friendly for smaller environments that can absolutely benefit from this visibility.  We're not talking about SIEM-lite level of features, but even small shops of 10-50 users could stand to track the information from Active Directory and DNS pertaining to user behavior.

Does anyone have experience with InsightIDK alternatives that would be budget friendly (4-figures vs 5-figures) for smaller organizations?

It can be cloud-based or on-premises (virtual appliance).

Any vendors I should be looking at?


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Here's a good article that helps point small businesses in the right direction for scanning tools. The 2 small business suggestions are at the end of the article from the author.


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Hi Jason,

Upon further review, the tools recommended in that article are more along the lines of vulnerability management, rather than User Behavior Analytics, unfortunately.

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Thanks, Jason

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Currently, more and more company focus on SD-WAN solution which can handle both communication and security in a single box. For a small branch, it will be a good choice as ease of operation. And these product will include the security categorization. For example, Versa-Networks.

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Thanks, Tommy. I will take a look at Gurucul, Dynatrace and Nexthink, as I have no experience with them. I do have a fair amount of experience with Splunk, and not only is their solution a bit overkill for my targets, but the costs are worse than Rapid7. :)

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It has been some time since I looked at pricing models, however I would suggest looking at Splunk, Gurucul, Dynatrace and Nexthink.

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