What advice do you have for others considering Signavio Process Intelligence?

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering Signavio Process Intelligence, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

33 Answers

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Top 10Consultant

It's important to have well-defined requirements and to consult with Signavio because there are some aspects that might fit better with other other solutions or maybe it's the other way around where some aspects fit better with Signavio. I would rate this product an eight out of 10.

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Top 10LeaderboardReal User

I would rate Signavio within a or seven out of ten because I still believe there is a lot to improve.

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Top 5LeaderboardReal User

I can recommend using Process Intelligence to mine processes quickly. It has really helped us in how we are approaching our business processes. I think that is one of the key factors for our continued success in the future. We have real-time data-based insights and a view into real-time processes. Without Process Intelligence, the approach of documenting processes normally takes a long time when you have to ask the process participants questions about how they believe the process is working. Besides consuming a lot of time, this approach has the risk that you document a process without really knowing if your documentation is correct. Besides the process view, with Process Intelligence you have a lot of additional analytical views. For example, you can compare countries, metrics, KBIS (Knowledge-Based Information Systems), you can see directly how long it took from one step to the other. Process Intelligence provides direct insights into how our organization is actually operating. For example, it provides insights into our sales paths, how we onboard the restaurants, what is our lead time, and our conversion time and rate. We can also see how a system was implemented and where there may be issues with interfaces. For example that master data was not properly implemented. Based on these insights, we see exactly which issues we need to tackle and gain insights about the potential for improvements. On a scale of one to ten with one being the worst and ten being the best, I would rate the product as an eight. I would never go to ten because I always think there is room for improvement. I would rate differently depending on the modules. The Process Editor is like an eight or nine. Process Intelligence is still a relatively new feature and has room to provide even more value to us. Overall, there is still potential for improvement, and that's what we push Signavio for.

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