What are some questions to ask vendors when researching network traffic analysis tools?

What are features to take into account when choosing an NTA tool? 

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Typically I ask what information is it that I need to solve a problem or adhere to compliance. It is with that information that you can start directing the conversation. It is also important to establish your budget, but be open to adjusting if see that you might have underestimated the environment.Some of the questions that need to be considered:-Am I looking for WAN or LAN traffic analysis?-Do I have encrypted environments or tunnels traversing certain areas?-Do I require the top talkers and related information, or do I require various response times (network, server, application, microservice)?-Do I have SDWAN implemented and can I leverage off of the vendor for certain views?-Will I be making use of Netflow/SFlow/etc. or live packet analysis or both?-Will I require visibility equipment like taps and packet brokers to aggregate and feed traffic to multiple sources?-What is the difference between port mirroring (port span) vs tap/packet broker feeds?-Is it all on-prem or multi-cloud (vTaps)?-Is the solution capable of managing the potential load, 5Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps?-What compliance do I need to adhere to (PCI/POPI/etc.), thus I require limited captures, packet slicing/hashing, etc.?-Do I require ML/AI for behavioral analysis?-Do I have the staff to manage the solutions properly or do I require a service with the solution?

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