What are the must-have tools for CI/CD?


What are your favorite tools to use in a deployment pipeline? 

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Jenkins,  git, nexus, sonar qube, ansible, aws

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Thanks for weighing in :) would you mind elaborating a little bit on how you use each of the tools? Do they integrate well? Have you used other tools in the past that you switched from?

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Jenkins as open source choice

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Octopus+TeamCity for on premise because this couple is very mature

In the cloud the tools that the service provider give you.

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git, Jenkins, sonarqube, nexus, eclipse, 

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In my Opinion, We should could the all aspect of CI/CD while selecting tools, like Code Quality, Versioning, Code Review, SAST, DAST, FT, Performance testing, Build Tools, UT, Distribution Management, Deployment, IaC, Containerization if organization is in same mode, below are the tools that I recommend for Java based applications.

Maven/Gradle, Junit, Selenium, Jmeter, OWASP DC, Zap, Sonarqube, GIT (I like GitLab), Nexus, Ansible and Terraform for IaC and Kubernetes with Docker or any other CRI for containerization.

I have done the complete integration of this along with JIRA and couple of monitoring tools for end to end pipeline setup,

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